Sharko's Catering has been serving the Phoenix area with excellence, integrity, and exceptional food for over 40 years.

In the mid-to-late 60's, Sharko's started as restaurant in southwest side of Chicago by elder brothers, Jerry, George and Don. As younger brother, Gregory then became involved and popularity grew, customers began requesting to host both small and large events at Sharko's, using the restaurant as their venue. Prime Rib, Midwest Trout, Shrimp Dijon, and Kugelis were among the crowd favorites. Making every event extraordinary became the motto for Sharko's, who were already known for their incredible European and American cuisine.

In (1976), Gregory and Geraldine Sharko brought their five children from Chicago's "Windy City" to Phoenix's "Valley of the Sun." In the early days, Gregory and Geraldine owned and operated a restaurant on Central and Columbus in Phoenix. Sharko's restaurant later transformed into a catering business servicing a wide portfolio of clients and events with their "Great Food, Great Service" trademark mentality.

Today, Sharko's Catering is still among the finest in the industry. Gregory's three sons; Gary, Glen, and Gerard now lead the family legacy and have established a household name within the Phoenix Valley.

With their decades of experience, the team at Sharko's has been proud to serve at a variety of special functions including unforgettable wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, and intimate family events.

A message from the Sharko Family:

We stand to earn your confidence and thank you for building your trust in us for all these years. Our legacy and tradition has been passed down from our parents who have taught us sacrifice and determination.

We are where we are today because of our valued customers.